Denton Society of Sword Fighting


Real history. Real swordfighting. Real art.

 Experience the recreation of the historical arts taught by fencing masters of the 14th and 15th centuries. Explore weapons such as the longsword and rapier, and learn from longtime veterans of the HEMA community. Train, spar, and engross yourself in the knightly arts.

What is HEMA

Historical European Martial Arts

HEMA is a greater movement to recreate, and sometimes compete in, the weapon systems of various centuries in the late middle ages and the renaissance. Sometimes called Western Martial Arts, HEMA practitioners are historically oriented, artful, and overall a lover of all things sword related... most of the time. The community has been featured in documentaries and news articles, and is now located in Denton, Texas to spread the good word of the old fencing traditions.

Meet the Instructor

Instructor Alex Xi is a highly rated fighter and prolific tournament attendee. He consistently places among the best fighters in the area, and prides himself on his coaching abilities. He is a 5 year veteran of HEMA and has been teaching students since 2019. Alex's favorite weapon is the longsword, but he trains with as many weapon systems as possible. He is also a former competitive marksman in several shooting disciplines, and loves to shoot bows in his backyard.